We sell Sugar Imcusa VHP 600 - 1200

(We can also sell fresh sugar cane.)


  • Sugar: Imcusa VHP 600 - 1200 RBU attenuation index units;
  • Polarization: from 97.8% to 99.2% at 20 degree Celsius;
  • Ash Content: 0.15% max by weight;
  •  Moisture: 0.15% max by weight;
  • Solubility: 95% Dry and Free Flowing;
  •  Color: Light Brown;
  • Granulation: 0.6mm of regular square( medium size );
  •  Smell: free of any odor, unusual or abnormal smells;
  • Radiation: Normal internationally accepted limit with out presence of cesium or iodine;
  • Magnetic Particles: 10 mg/kg;
  • Conductivity: 0.15% max;
  • SO2: 20mg/kg ASH by Electrical;
  • Max A.S.: 1 P.P.M.;
  • Max C.U.: 3 P.P.M.;
  • Max P.S.: 2 P.P.M.;
  • Sediments: none;
  • HPN Staph Aureus: none
  •  Free: Mold, unnatural odors, chemical and insects;
  • Inspection: SGS or equal;
  • Poisonous: phytosanitary Certificate;
  • Substance: Solid Crystal;
  • Seed Husks: no radiation, no viruses, insect parts, no poisonous matter and non-genetic / Suitable for human consumption


For orders it´s essential to present a POF (Proof Of Founds) issued by his bank.

1 - Buyer issues ICPO (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) with bank details and RWA (BCL).
2 - Seller approves ICPO (including soft probe communications between banks) + Draft Contract is sent to buyer for acceptance + Proforma Invoices valid for 5 days.
3 - Buyer returns the Draft Contract signed in 3 days’ time.
4 - After return the Contract signed in PDF format, the buyer's bank must issue the SWIFT SBLC MT 760 (Stand by Letter of Credit) as collateral with one month value and 12 months validity and send to the seller's bank within 5 working days.
6 - After receiving the SBLC, the seller’s bank issue bank POP and 2% Performance Bond first shipment to the buyer bank within 5 working days.
7 - The form of payment will be through TT against shipment documents. (Bill of Lading).
8 - Delivery starts according to the terms and conditions of contract.
-Documents Required by Buyer:
-Bill of Lading, three (3/3) copies Commercial Invoice, three (3/3) copies.
-Certificate of Origin, three (3/3) copies.
-Certificate of Quality and Quantity Issued by SGS, three (3/3) copies
-Phytosanitary Certificate, three (3/3) copies
-Insurance original, three (3/3) copies
-Signature and Seal