We sell Gold

- Commodity: - Gold
- Purity: - 96.9% min 22-23 Carat plus
- Form: - Gold Dore Bars
- Total Quantity: - 50 kgs (Buyer starts a trial order of 10kg / 20kg)
- Assay: - Final Assay to be made at the Buyer's Designated Refinery
- Gold Origin: - Republic of Ghana, Uganda, RDC and Tanzania.
- Price: - to be agree
- CIF to Buyer’s Final destination.
- Monthly supply: - 50kgs
- Payment: Wire transfer to the nominated accounts after assay report at the final buyer’s final refinery.


The delivery terms for Sale and Purchase of Gold shall be on a CIF basis to the Buyer’s destination.

The buyer will issue the Copy of his passport and flight ticket for the seller to arrange Visa on arrival application and will also issue the Copy of valid Proof Of Funds for preparation for the buyer’s arrival.

The buyer and the Seller agree that a financier will pay cost of government taxes and shipping documentations to the country of destination (the payment of Government Royalties are 5%), upon verifying the goods.

The Seller will clear the shipment of Gold through Customs at the port of entry in the Buyer’s final destination.

The Buyer and Seller will be physically present at Customs of the port of import in Buyer’s destination if the need arises to ensure all procedures have been followed and actual delivery was completed to the refinery.


The Buyer and Seller’s representatives will sign a contract.

Seller completes buyer IPA and provides scan copies of contract to buyer, then he couriers contract, pro-forma for government taxes. This will let buyer make direct arrangements for picking up the goods.

The Buyer and Seller agree that the financier will make the payment of Government Royalties (5%), required for shipment from the departure zone (Ghana ) the amounts contributed by the financier like 5% will be deducted after delivery final assay in buyer refinery. Seller will use the Amount for the next Shipment upon mutual agreement between the seller and the buyer.

Final Payment by the Buyer for purchases of Gold shall be made to the Seller and intermediary nominated Bank accounts or Bitcoin Wallet after receipt of Final Assay report from the refinery and this value will be accepted by both Buyer and Seller.

After assay and full payment, 72 hours later, seller changes Ownership to buyer, then buyer let seller return to prepare the next shipment, as agreed.to the refinery.


The final payment will be released to the Seller, and intermediary accounts after the Buyer has received the confirmation from the refinery approval report; following the payment, the package, Gold Ore, is officially the property of the Buyer. After executing the first transaction, the subsequent shipment shall be on a monthly basis and the contract will run for 2 years.


Seller will provide the following documents to the Buyer a day prior to departure of the Gold to Buyer’s refinery or address: .

a. Commercial Invoice Issued by Seller to Buyer.
b. Certificate of Origin Issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Ghana.
c. Certificate of Ownership Issued by Seller to Buyer.
d. Full Set of Airways Bill Marked Freight Pre-Paid.
e. Certificate of Insurance.
f. Certificate of Custom Clearance.
g. Bank of Ghana A1 / A2 Form.
h. Certificate of Analyses Report Issued by Government Refinery.
i. Seller’s declaration that the Goods are not of Criminal Origin and Child Labor, and are Unencumbered and free and clear of any liens.


The Title to the Gold shall transfer from the Seller to the Buyer upon full payment of the agreed price and all the necessary documents as per this contract after final assay from Buyer refinery., as agreed.to the refinery.